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  • 25th WONCA Europe Conference
    2019.11.12. - CSAKOSZ - Hírkategória: WONCA

    June 24 - 27, 2020,
    Berlin, Germany

    Dear GP/FM colleagues, 

    Do not miss the 25th WONCA Europe Conference in Berlin.

    It will be a great event together with the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physician’s national congress. We will discuss hot topics about the future of our profession and evidence how best to care for our patients and societies not only with doctors from Europe but also with other professions cooperating with us in our practices, in our departments and in the community from all over the world.

    Please look at our abstract submission system: we are offering many attractive and interactive formats. One of them is special: during the science slam you present your findings in a very popular way competing for acceptance by the public. Abstract submission will be possible until January 10th .

    The WONCA Europe Conference is a wonderful opportunity to get into contact with those working or doing research in primary care from all over the whole world. Our new format matchmaking will facilitate getting into contact: here you can make offers for special topics beforehand and then meet physically at a named place and time in the congress venue.

    Additionally, Berlin is a highly interesting city and bridge between the former Western and Eastern blocks. Besides lots of very interesting monuments, museums and its intercultural social life, Berlin is also an academic hotspot with four universities, four art colleges, seven universities of applied sciences and 24 state-recognized private colleges. As the German capital Berlin offers a close proximity to decision-makers in politics and a connection to Europe and the whole world.

    Have a look at our website to get more information, especially about keynote speakers.

    See you in Berlin: 24th to 27th June 2020!

    Erika Baum and Christoph Heintze

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Helyszín: Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort, Harkány
Időpont: 2024. február 22-24.

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Időpont: 2024. február 22-24.

Helyszín: Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort, Harkány


Tisztelettel hívjuk a Szervezet tagjait, kollégákat, szakorvos jelölteket, hallgatókat és a szakdolgozókat a 2024. február 22-24 között Harkányban megrendezésre kerülő CSAKOSZ XXII. Kongresszusára.


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