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    Wonca - The Barriers to Effective Screening Tools Survey
    2023.09.20. - CSAKOSZ - Hírkategória: WONCA

    Why Your Help Matters


    Prostate cancer is a serious health concern, and we want to reduce its impact as much as possible. PRAISE-U is a project supported by the European Union, and its main goal is to encourage early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer through personalized and risk-based screening programs (www.uroweb.org/praise-u). We believe that by working together and gathering valuable information, we can improve the way prostate cancer is detected and treated in Europe, ultimately saving lives.



    How You Can Help: Participate in a Survey


    To achieve our goals, we need to understand the current state of prostate cancer screening in different European countries, including yours, even if, there is currently no prostate cancer screening program in place. We have created a survey (Survey password: praise_U) to assess the challenges and barriers countries like yours might face when it comes to prostate cancer screening. By participating in this survey, you can help us identify these barriers, prioritize them, and explore possible solutions to make screening more accessible and effective. We are aware that in most countries, there is currently no prostate cancer screening program in place. Therefore, we ask you to imagine and hypothesize what you think the barriers of starting such a program in your country would be. Your insights are incredibly valuable.


    Spread the Word


    We also kindly ask for your assistance in distributing this survey to your network of patient representatives, policy makers, urologists, GPs, and nurses with an interest in prostate cancer screening. The more people who participate, the better we can understand the diverse perspectives and challenges in your region.


    If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your involvement is greatly appreciated.


    WONCA Europe


    Survey link: https://uroweb.org/praise-u/survey

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