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Hírkategória: WONCA
  • WONCA Europe Newsletter November 2023
    2023.11.16. - CSAKOSZ - Hírkategória: WONCA

    Editor's Preface

    It is a pleasure to share with you the November issue of our newsletter.


    You may find out about our Networks, Special Interest Groups and Working Parties activities, including EQUIP Assembly meeting, 12th EURIPA Rural Health Forum, 97th EGPRN Meeting as well as IPCRG’s October newsletter.


    Moreover, you may learn more about WONCA Europe Executive Board activities through our last virtual monthly meeting summary.


    WE has been very active internationally, taking part in the “Primary health care policy and practice: implementing for better results" Conference, followed by the 73rd session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, both of which were held in Kazakhstan; and in the UEMO General Assembly in Spain.


    Please do not miss our next two webinars: Beyond the Prescription Pad: Transforming Lives through Movement Medicine on 23 November 2023, and Reflection on Adult and Elderly Health: Early Detection, Prevention, and Vaccination on 14 December 2023.


    Furthermore, you may learn more about the Perio&Family Doctors campaign, launched by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and WONCA Europe, featuring informative materials for oral and non-oral health professionals, and for the general public.


    Please keep updated visiting our web page and follow us in our Twitter (@WoncaEurope), Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


    On behalf of WONCA Europe Executive Board
    Thomas Frese, President-elect
    Jose M Bueno, EQuiP Member-at-large
    WONCA Europe Newsletter Editors


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Helyszín: Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort, Harkány
Időpont: 2024. február 22-24.

Meghosszabbított regisztrációs határidő: 2024. február 5.


Megjelent a CSAKOSZ XXII. KONGRESSZUSA, Harkány - konferencia kiadvány

Megjelent a CSAKOSZ XXII. KONGRESSZUSA, Harkány (2024.02.22-24.)- konferencia kiadvány , mely a kapcsolt dokumentum alatt tölthető le.

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